The New Engineering Council of Namibia

On the 26th of June 2018, the Ministry of Works and Transport inaugurated new members of the Engineering Council of Namibia (ECN).
The new Council is comprised of 10 members: Dr. Smita Francis, Mr. Immanuel Kambinda, Ms. Martha Endjala-Kamati, Mr. Grant Kloopers, Ms. Katrina Thomas, Mr. Charles Langford, Ms. Albertine Shipena, Mr. Frederick Holthausen, Ms. Jacqueline Mukuka and Mr. Erastus Ikela.
The Namibian Society of Engineers (NASE) considers this to be the best team ever assembled since the Engineering Council was established. It consists of highly educated individuals, with the correct qualifications. It represents the demographics of the country yet maintaining diversity, and with five men and five women - gender equality. 
This combination speaks to the aspirations of the country, government policy and the transformation the Namibian Society of Engineers has always wanted to see. It's a great new day, at last, for the industry and we look forward to working with the new Council to write a new inclusive and progressive chapter of engineering excellence, and vigorously promote and pursue ingenuity and innovation towards a prosperous Namibia. 
We applaud the Minister of Works and Transport for his visionary leadership in this process.
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