NASE Pays a Courtesy Call on the Founding President and Founding Father, H.E. Dr. Sam Nujoma

1. The meeting with the Founding President and Founding Father of the Republic of Namibia, H.E. Dr. Sam Nujoma, on Monday the 19th of February 2018 went very well. It was a resounding SUCCESS.

2. The Founding President warmly welcome us to his office and gave us a brief overview of his passion in the fields of science and engineering.

3. NASE thanked and honored the Founding President for his service to our great nation and his instrumental role in inspiring and promoting the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

4. Letters of gratitude and well wishes from Namibian engineers were read to him.

5. We invited him to the first ever Namibia Engineering Week in August and be its Patron as well as for the NASE Gala Dinner in Ongwediva to be hosted under his patronage, also in August.

6. The Founding said it is his delight to ACCEPT the invitation. He will be the Patron of the Namibia Engineering Week 2018 and the Gala.

7. Furthermore, the Founding announced that he will be donating an Oxen to the NASE Fundraising Gala Dinner, "for the braai", and expressed his office's readiness to assist and work with NASE in anyway possible.

8. Furthermore, the Founding offered a piece of land totaling 1ha on which he'd like NASE to set up something that the association can use to develop a place for Namibian engineers to put their skills and knowledge to use, practice and research new innovations for Namibia. The Founding's office will take NASE to his farm to view and see how that piece of land can be transformed.

9. NASE is very humbled and honored by the Founding's benevolent gesture. With the piece of land, NASE will device and implement a feasible plan that will see innovation, science, technology, engineering and mathematics education and practice, as well as product development taken to an entirely new level, especially in the areas the Founding cares deeply about: medical technology, mining & geological expertise, electrical and manufacturing engineering, among others.

10. The Founding and NASE then had a long conversation on how best Namibian engineers and scientists can utilize the country's resources to accelerate national development and rid the nation of poverty and disease.

11. In concluding the courtesy call, NASE presented the Founding Father with a Certificate of Appreciation for his service to our country and his contribution to STEM, as well as a NASE t-shirt with his name on it.

12. The Founding thanked NASE for paying him a visit and said he will have the Certificate elaborately placed in his office.

13. NASE is immensely humbled by the Founding's humility, his acceptance of our invitation, his generous gesture, as well as his extent of knowledge in STEM in the conversation we had with him. He spoke so passionately about the country and the Engineering profession.

14. We're eternally grateful and we look forward to seeing him again at the Namibia Engineering Week in August.

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